Writing and editing SEO web content

I love online content.

It’s where I’ve carved out a career over the past two decades and when you work with me, you get more than just a website copywriter; you get a storyteller and someone who understands online business and how the online world works. What a fabulous fusion!

Whether your existing web content needs a polish or you need to start from scratch, I can write or edit your website content so that it focuses on solving your target audience’s problems. And I wrap this up with a website content best practice bow.

I can write articles, product and service descriptions, ‘about us’ pages, blog posts, landing pages and much, much more.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is innate in all of my online content work.

As a standard part of my website copywriting service, I do basic keyword research, usually looking for ‘long-tail‘ keyword opportunities to go after so that your site will have a chance of ranking in organic search results for less competitive keywords.

However, I always write for humans first, search engines second. Is there anything more irritating than landing on a page that is so obviously overstuffed and over-optimised for a keyword? It really detracts from the user experience of a website and I am a passionate advocate for the user.

I work with my SEO partner, Nat Alleblas, who does in-depth keyword research on behalf of my clients. This woman is like a forensic keyword detective and oh boy, she loves her data! She uses her super-sleuthing skills to find keywords for your business that have low competition and a decent monthly search volume. Nat also conducts a competitor analysis of up to five of your competitors so we can see what sort of strategies they are using to attract organic traffic to their website.

Prices vary depending on the size and complexity of your website. Get in touch for a fast, friendly and obligation-free quote.

Website copywriting packages

Standard inclusions for all website copywriting packages are:

  • 60 minute (or 2 x 30 minute) telephone briefing
  • Basic keyword research looking for long tail keyword opportunities
  • A first page delivered as a ‘calibration draft’ to test that I have used the right style and tone for your content before continuing with the rest of the copy
  • Writing an SEO optimised title and meta description for each page
  • Writing alt tag text recommendations for images (where relevant)
  • Adherence to a basic style guide so that each page is formatted and presented the same way and the same language and style is used throughout the content
  • Two rounds of amendments
  • Proofreading of the final draft by an external professional proofreader

Publishing web content

I have worked with many content management systems (CMS’) over the years, including:

  • WordPress (my favourite! I hope it's yours, too?)
  • Drupal (meh, it's OK)
  • Squiz Matrix (great for big behemoth corporate or government sites)
  • Kommodo (please tell me you're on WordPress? 🙂 )

I’ve worked with a bunch of other content management systems and quickly adapt to new platforms. I can save you time, money and headaches by uploading your approved web content to your website.

Are you ready to start? Work with me. Call (03) 9010 6034 or email me.