Everyone is a natural-born storyteller – it’s in our DNA – but sometimes you need a little guidance to get those words down in the right order. As a writing coach, I work with people to help them find their voice and get those words down in the right sequence to say what they want to say, eloquently.

Need a writing mentor to help with your blog writing?

As a writing coach, I can help you untangle your thoughts and make better sense of your wordsDo you ever find yourself thinking this about your writing?

  • You know what you want to write, but when you sit down to write, the words don’t come out quite right.
  • You have a lot of opinions, ideas, and thoughts about a topic, but you’re finding it hard to know where to start.
  • You’re struggling with how to best structure your blog post and you think your writing is ‘all over the place’.
  • You’ve written a blog post but you’re hesitating to publish it because you’re worried your readers will hate it and it will reflect poorly on you.
  • You think you have nothing to write about.

You’re certainly not alone with these thoughts.

How a writing coach can help you

Work with me as your writing coach and we will cover:

  • developing sources and inspiration for blog post ideas
  • the value of outlining your next blog post before you start writing
  • defining the ideal reader for your blog post
  • focusing on the key messages you want your ideal reader to take away from your post
  • trusting your voice and being confident in your ability to find the right words to say exactly what you want to say
  • planning your search engine optimisation (SEO) strategy for your post
  • finding the confidence to hit publish
  • structuring your blog post for maximum impact
  • planning your strategy for promoting your post after it’s published
  • mapping out a whole series of blog posts around a particular theme.

Gaining confidence is the key to better blog writing. Work with me, and I’ll share tips from my copywriting bag of tricks that will help build your confidence to write well.

Sharing your work with someone and exposing yourself to criticism is a tough thing to do. I don’t believe for a second that you are a terrible writer. I am gentle and constructive with my feedback and will help you become a better writer.

Blog writing coaching packages

Blog coaching for a single blog post (of up to 2000 words) is $220.00 (plus GST) per post and includes a final professional proofread.

Blog coaching for a package of five blog posts (of up to 1000 words each) for $990.00 (plus GST) and includes professional proofreading.

My blog coaching service includes:

  • an initial review of your blog post
  • one 30-minute blog coaching video chat call to give you personalised feedback (in a very caring way!)
  • a follow-up review of your revised post (via email)
  • professional proofreading
  • relevant tools to help improve your writing
  • a copy of my Better Blogging Template ($9.90).

Get confident and start blogging better.

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