These days, you need more than grammatically correct text to cut through the digital noise to reach your ideal client. If you feel like you’re being overlooked because your words need some structure, consistency and extra care, I can help you by building a clear picture of your ideal client and creating the text that will engage them.

If you’re feeling invisible because your site is not getting the Google grease it needs, then I can help you with SEO copywriting and by applying SEO tactics to boost your online presence.

I can work with you to rewrite your existing text in your brand voice to connect you with your target audience. I can also write new text from scratch. I have specialised in online content since 2004 and have the skills and experience to deliver outstanding results.

I also have a solid business background, so for me, it’s more than just the words on the screen – it’s about understanding your business and making the connection between your business goals and your target audience.

I am more than a wordsmith.

Website copywriting Melbourne

Website copywriting

Whether your existing web content needs a polish or you need to start from scratch, I can write or edit your website content so that it focuses on the essence of who you are, what problems your business solves and what you can bring to your clients that is uniquely you.

Blog copywriting Melbourne

Blog copywriting

Blog copywriting for business I love blog copywriting. Blogs are one my favourite medium for communication. They can help people peek behind your curtain, catching a glimmer of how you think and work. We don’t want…

eBook ghostwriting

eBook ghostwriting

eBook writing services I can write an eBook for you. Creating an eBook is a great way to: build your brand share your knowledge prove your knowledge be an authority be heard be distinct from…

Blog writing coach

Blog writing coach

Everyone is a natural-born storyteller – it’s in our DNA – but sometimes you need a little guidance to get those words down in the right order. As a writing coach, I work with people…

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