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Plain is the new black, right?

In our noisy, digital world, it's increasingly harder to cut through the clutter.

And when people find your site, you want to make sure they can do the thing they came to do.

You know that:

  • clear, concise and consistent content delivers a better user experience
  • fluffy content full of jargon, bureaucratic language peppered with too many adjectives is not what your users want
  • like you, your users don’t want to have to read great slabs of text several times to figure out how to do the thing.

If only you could wave a plain English wand over your web content and make it more accessible. But you either don’t have the in-house capability or capacity to deliver a content project that aligns user goals with your business goals to get the results you need.

That’s where I come in.

About me

I’ve been working in the online for more than 20 years, turning complex content into a user-friendly experience.

Taking dull and sterile content and transforming it into an engaging read is my speciality.

I’ve worked on your side of the desk, too. I know all about putting RFQs together and briefs to convince the Powers That Be to approve your project funding proposal because there is no way you can deliver the project they want to the standard they expect without outside help.

The bigger and messier your project, the keener I am to do it.

Let me at it!


"Sandra's attention to detail always results in work being produced over and above the project requirements and to a consistent standard of excellence."

— Adam Ford, Department of Health & Human Services

Smart content starts with research

  • Data analysis

    You have some idea of what your users want and need. But perhaps you haven’t had time yet to pull it all together. You’ve got access to Google Analytics, Google Search Console and other data, but not the headspace to analyse it.

  • Call centre data

    You know your call centre staff bear the brunt of your website not answering your users’ questions, but you haven’t been able to schedule a time to catch up with them to figure out how your website could serve them better.

  • Competitor analysis

    You’re also sure other websites and competitors are doing things much better than your website, but you barely have time to nip out for a takeaway coffee, let alone poke your head up above your cubicle and assess what you can do better.

You want a content professional with the smarts to analyse your data and figure out what will work best for your users.

"What made Sandra stand out was her holistic approach to the project. Sandra diligently researched and wrote compliant copy that inspires and educates, but before that she contributed immensely to the search structure of the sub-site by planning content around rich organic keywords that had high volume, relevance and commerciality. Sandra is an insightful, dependable professional."

— Adam Mussolum, Kirana Education

Elements of a smart content project

You want to run a smooth project delivered on time and on budget.

I engage the following elements to deliver a smart content project.

  • User research

    Evidence-based decisions to ensure your content meets your users’ needs

  • Content design

    Content structured in a way to maximise user engagement and help them reach their goals

  • Plain English principles

    Clear and concise content without the marketing fluff or bureaucratic language that helps users achieve their goals

  • Consistent content

    Content that follows a set style guide and captures your brand voice

  • Accessible content

    Meet government-mandated content accessibility requirements

  • SEO smarts

    Trained in SEO copywriting, I can ensure your website get the Google grease

  • Stakeholder engagement

    Managing project stakeholders and subject matter experts doesn’t have to be like herding cats.

  • Scaleable content teams

    Smaller project? No worries, I’ll take on all of it myself. Big and messy? I’ll bring in a team of qualified content professionals

  • Project reporting

    Keep your project board and stakeholders updated with regular project status updates

"I recently engaged Sandra to undertake plain English editing of more than 100 pages for our corporate website redevelopment project. I knew Sandra was the right choice for our project from the moment I read the introduction on her website.

Honest, engaging and intelligent are all values I look for in contractors and colleagues alike, and Sandra has these in spades and it shows in her work. She’s highly skilled at her craft and I highly recommend Sandra to anyone looking for a plain English writer or editor, especially if you’re in the digital space. "

— Emma Hill, City of Greater Dandenong

Work with me

Quotes and RFQ responses

If you need a quote or would like me to respond to your RFQ, I’d be happy to.

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