I can help you find your voice.
I can simplify your message.
I can help you find the right words and tell your stories.
Together, we can discover your authentic voice.

These days, you need more than grammatically correct text to cut through the digital noise to reach your ideal client. If you feel like you’re being overlooked because your words need some structure, consistency and extra care, I can help you by building a clear picture of your ideal client and creating the text that will engage them.

I can work with you to rewrite your existing text in your own authentic voice and weave in your personal stories that will make a connection between you and your ideal client. I can also write new text from scratch. I have specialised in online content since 2004 and have the experience to support you on your content journey.

I also have a solid business background, so for me, it’s more than just the words on screen – it’s about understanding your business and making the connection between your business goals and your ideal client.

Think of me as more than just a wordsmith. Think of me as your online business manager.

Here are some of the online content services I provide:

Website content copywriting services

I am an online content specialist and have worked in digital media since 1996. I understand technology and how humans interact with it and communicate online. I can help you with so much more than just the words your ideal clients will see on screen. Find out more about my website copywriting services.

Blog posts

Blogs are one of my favourite mediums for communicating online. I love writing blog posts! 

Find out about my blog writing services and rates.

50 blog post ideas

Feeling stuck and unable to come up with great ideas to blog about your ideal client will love to read?

I use a number of methods to research and generate great blog ideas that will resonate with your audience and feature long-tail keywords with low competition that search engines will love.

For $100.00 (plus GST) I will write 50 blog post ideas for you.


Many online marketers say, to put it crudely, that ‘the money is in the list’. Your email list, that is. Whether you want to develop your email list, start a newsletter from scratch, develop a series of ‘auto-responders’ to automatically email people after they sign up to your list, or revamp your current newsletter, I can help you with a holistic newsletter service.

It’s really hard to indicate what this service might cost because there are too many variables. A simple edit might be $100 but researching, writing and putting the content together in your email template might be upwards of $500. Please give me a call (03 9010 6034) or send me an email via the contact form below and we can scope a newsletter project to suit your business and your budget.


I can ‘ghost write’ your eBook.

Short eBooks are a great way to entice your ideal client to sign up to your email list. Many businesses have a lot of content written already – blog posts, newsletters, etc. – that  can be structured and edited into an eBook quite quickly. Otherwise, I’d love to write an eBook from scratch for your business.

View my pricing options on my eBook ghostwriting page.

Product descriptions

I’ve run my own eCommerce store for six years and I’ve learnt a lot about marketing a product-based business during that time. I can write or edit engaging product descriptions that focus on what your ideal client feels. I’ve used a number of eCommerce platforms, such as WordPress with Woocommerce and WP Ecommerce, so can I directly upload fresh content or products to your site once you have approved the content.

Prices start from $100.00.


Proofreading is the less sexy cousin of writing, but it’s a task we all need to do to make sure we are putting our best professional foot forward. I can proofread your text to make sure there are no typos, spelling mistakes or grammatical errors.

Prices start from $80.00 for 2000 words.

Round peg, square hole

Maybe your project doesn’t fit into any of these boxes. That’s OK. I’ve worked on plenty projects that were very unique. Talk to me anyway about what you need and I’m sure we can come up with a plan together or see my Web projects page for further information.

Are you ready to start? Work with me. Call (03) 9010 6034 or email me.


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