Sandra Muller plain English advocateSmart content starts with a content strategy

A solid content strategy is a roadmap that shows where your content project needs to go.

If you had the time to sift through data and analytics, conduct user and stakeholder interviews, research competitors and audit your existing site, you wouldn’t be here.

You’re here because you need someone with the right skill set and experience to help you scope your complex content project and then deliver it.

That’s me! I’ve been working in the online world for more than 20 years, helping organisations deliver exceptional, evidence-based content projects.

A web content project should always start with developing a solid content strategy based on evidence and user research. That’s where I come in.

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I've led writing teams to deliver content for HUGE web projects, on time and on budget, delivering 100s of web pages and millions of words.

Sandra has an unmatched ability to make sense of the complex, to chart a path, and to lead a team of writers through to the end of the project.

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But first, let's take steps towards developing a solid strategy to underpin our content plan.

A smart content strategy ALWAYS starts with research

  • Data analysis

    Google Analytics, Google Search Console and other data sources provide insights into user behaviour that we can use for our advantage. I’ll see how people currently use your site and where they get stuck. We’ll use this data to improve your content.

  • Call centre data

    Your call centre data is the rich source of customer problems that I can interrogate to figure out how to solve them by structuring web page and writing content that addresses user pain points.

  • Competitor analysis

    Maybe your competitors are already doing things well. We can learn a lot by studying how they engage user, solve problems and structure the user’s journey. I’ll document key findings and what we can do better.



  • Research interviews

    By conducting in-depth, qualitative research interviews with users, staff and stakeholders, I’ll gain a deeper understanding of what the pain points are and how we can soothe them.

  • Content audit

    Auditing your existing site and seeing how its performing against set criteria gives us a big picture overview of what is and isn’t working, and how we can map existing content to a new site.

  • IA development

    I’ll synthesise the research and use it to design, test and refine a new information architecture that will better serve your users’ needs.




  • Brand analysis

    I’ll review your current brand guidelines and tone of voice to see if it fits with the emerging content strategy.

  • Style guide

    I’ll create a style guide for the consistent structure and appearance of content based on web practice. I’ll identify the preferred spellings and use of language. The style guide also addresses content accessibility and inclusivity.

  • Governance

    I’ll work with your organisation to determine the governance model for your content. This will help ensure it stays up-to-date, the right people approve content for publication, and risk is minimised.


The outcome of the research and discovery phase is a smart content strategy that sets the roadmap for delivering your complex content project.

We'll know exactly what we need to do and how to budget accurately for it.

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