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Our brains are amazing. We remember only 20% of what we read but 80% of what we see. 

That’s why visual content is a powerful way to communicate, especially when we have so much information thrown at us every day. 

I might be a wordsmith, but I also understand the importance of using good visual content to convey information.

I’ve been experimenting with creating infographics and animations and I tried different types of software.

Visme Review
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Free tools to create visual content

I use, free desktop image editing software, but it’s hard for me to create something from scratch. I mostly use it for resizing images.

And while I love Canva for its simplicity and ease-of-use, I needed something with a bit more grunt and a few more options beyond social media posts. I wanted to create infographics and animated visual content and ALL THE PRETTY THINGS.

Then I discovered Visme, a new(ish) tool that helps you to create visual content such as:

And so much more. You can animate content, add audio or record a voiceover.

You can also create offline marketing collateral such as flyers, forms, brochures and booklets.

Visme offers hundreds of templates, thousands of vector icons and millions of free stock images. You don’t have to use their templates – you can create your own visual content, too (but I’m not feeling that visually literate just yet, so I’m sticking with the templates for now).

If you’re familiar with Canva, you’ll be familiar with the sorts of tools Visme offers.

When your content is ready, you can publish and share online or download it to share offline. I love these options.

Visme is also free but you can upgrade to a premium plan if you want to unlock more features need to save more than three projects. This is a bit like Canva’s set up.

Visme review

OK, so now we know what Visme does. How easy is it to use?

I consider myself someone who adapts to new software quite well. I like to poke around and figure things out for myself, not relying on help text or videos to learn it. I like things to be intuitive.

I found Visme to be about 80% intuitive.

I wanted to resize my graphic and it took me ages to figure out how to do it, but then I could only change the canvas size, not the size of all the images on the canvas, too. That was frustrating.

But all the other drag and drop features were easy to use.

The animation function is easy to use, but I wish you could automatically add time to each animation, rather than having to manually add it for each. When you have a few moving parts and you need to change a few parts around, you have to redo the timing. It’d be great to have the ability to automatically add a specific time (e.g. 0.5 seconds) to each animation.

Here’s an example of an animated HTML5 graphic I created for this site but didn’t end up using (cos it’s a bit crap, but you get the idea).

Speak Visually. Create an infographic with Visme

The Visme verdict

Is it any good? Yup. It’s a powerful tool but it comes with a steep learning curve.

Is it worth investing time to learn this visual content tool? Definitely, but only if you want to create engaging visual content like infographics and experiment with graphics, but not so much if you just want to create a simple web banner or Pinterest pin.

I’ve still got more learning to do and I will persist with Visme because I can see the power of this tool.

More information about Visme

Here’s a two-minute explainer video about Visme.

Let me know in the comments below if you’ve tried Visme and what you think of it.

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