Turning blog posts into videoVideo is the future and from the stats I keep hearing, we’ll all be consuming 80% of our content via video in the near future (if you’re not already). YouTube is the second At my recent Great Melbourne Blog-in, the marvellous Jenny De Lacy spoke about turning blog posts into videos.

That’s one of those ideas that’s so obvious once someone mentions and you mentally slap yourself for not thinking of this before. It’s such a good idea. You’ve already done the hard work to create a blog post. You’ve done the research, perhaps interviewed people and written the thing, so why not capitalise on all of that hard work?

Now, here’s the kicker. Not only did Jenny plant this video seed in my mind (and OK, so I’ve known for well over a year that I need to tackle the video beast) but then she BLEW ME AWAY by suggesting that there could be eight or more videos lurking in each blog post. And she’s right. Another mental slap.

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Creating consumable videos for different platforms

Firstly, you can look at the different social platforms where you can share video content and create videos to suit each platform. For example:

  • A 30-second video for Instagram
  • A 60-90 second video for Facebook
  • A 3-5 minute video for Youtube.

That’s three videos right there.

Whenever you write a new blog post, introduce it with a video on your social media accounts. Preferably Facebook Live on your FB page. When you create a Facebook Live video, have a purpose. Keep it short and sweet. I’ll introduce this post on my Facebook page. Gulp! That’s four videos already and we haven’t even started thinking too much about what videos we’ll create.

Finding consumable content in your blog posts

The key to finding short, consumable video content in your existing blog posts is to look for your key points and then make a video that focuses on each point. You could also consider going into more depth on a key point, perhaps interviewing an expert in that area.

Here’s another revelation – you don’t even need to be on screen for your videos. You can create a video without your own talking head. You can do voice-over only with a mix of graphics, music and text, a piece to camera (if you dare!).

Lights, Camera, Lipstick!

Jenny is running a video marketing course to help coax the camera shy introvert out of you to become a superstar in your videos. I did her recent challenge and it was fabulous. Jenny and the Facebook group she’s created are so supportive you can’t wait to share your videos.

Does video come easily to you? Are you planning to get into video now or in the near future? Let me know in the comments below.

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