The Better Blogging Template


No matter your reason for blog writing, this Better Blogging Template will help you to create a better blog post and feel more confident when you hit the publish button.

By working through this template, you will learn to:

  • – outline your next blog post before you start writing
  • – define the ideal reader for your blog post
  • – focus on the key messages you want your ideal reader to take away from your post
  • – plan your basic search engine optimisation (SEO) strategy for this post
  • – structure your blog post for maximum impact
  • – plan your strategy for promoting your post after you publish it
  • – follow a style guide for creating consistently presented content.




Better Blogging Template

As a copywriter, I frequently meet clients who have written blog posts but are crushed by self-doubt when it comes time to publish them. They worry that their words aren’t communicating clearly what they want to say or that the structure of their post isn’t right. I created this Better Blogging Template, so I could help step them through the process of creating a better blog post. And if my clients need this kind of guidance, then so do many others.

Table of Contents

  • About this template
  • Blog post outline
  • Blog post content
  • SEO considerations
  • The editing process
    • My seven golden rules of editing
  • Sharing your blog post
    • Getting others to share your blog post
  • Blog writing best practice tips
  • Style guide
    • Word usage
    • Style elements
    • Common mistakes.

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The Better Blogging Template


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