There is an end date to this digital nomad adventure and that makes me sad

The Digital Nomad Family
We have limited days left where we can enjoy day trips to Vin Pearl island and hang out with The Monta.

One of the downsides of our digital nomad adventure is that our return date to Australia is fast approaching, nipping at my happy bubble. I am already grieving yet we are still here. A strange situation.

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We really love our simple life here. I’m going to miss living in shorts and t-shirts and sundresses. I haven’t worn socks for months, let alone runners or boots.

Living comfortably in a small, one-bedroom apartment has made us realise that we don’t need a big house filled with lots of things to be happy. Less is more. I really get the Minimalism movement and can see us embracing it and doing a big clean out when we return home. I enjoy watching The Monsta stretch his imagination and turn kitchen cupboards and beer cans into an oven and hot cakes.

We still have about three weeks before we leave Vietnam and we have 10 days to travel somewhere in South East Asia before our flight home from Kuala Lumpur in mid December, so it’s not over yet, but I can feel the pace of time rushing us towards the departure lounge.

Confession: my ‘to do’ list doesn’t have many ticks

I thought I would have achieved so much more over the past few months.

My novel The Verge of Summer is only at chapter 5 (out of 90) and sitting around 6000 words.

I haven’t produced an online course yet.

My non-fiction book about creativity has languished untouched since our plane ride here from Hanoi.

TJ and I are only just getting started with our niche website project.

I haven’t finished the SEO course I’m enrolled in. I haven’t listened to the ProBlogger sessions I missed at the conference back in August.

I think it will be almost impossible to add more ticks over the coming week, though I will work hard to get my first course ready and finish my SEO course.

However, one should always focus on the positives, right?

I launched my first template – The Better Blogging Template – and will launch another one next week that will help people create the perfect About page. I ran my first live online workshop, which was great practice for turning the Better Blogging Template into an online course.

My copywriting work has slowed right down and I only have two projects on the go at the moment and neither are overwhelming. I have a few leads and a job board full of unfinished jobs where I’m waiting for feedback from clients. My books are open and I’m ready for new clients, so please send any leads my way.

I need two more years to grow my business to where I want it to be #onlineentrepreneur #copywriting Click To Tweet

It was typical of me to overestimate how much work I could achieve in a short time-frame. I’m trying to be realistic and not disappointed. One key thing I’ve come to realise on this adventure is that I need at least two more years to grow my business to where I want it to be. But I will get there, I’m damn sure.  It’s going to be quite a ride – if you want to follow my adventure, sign up below for my exclusive newsletter 🙂


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