My adventures as a digital nomad

Working on my laptop with the mangificent view of Nha TrangI set up this digital nomad blog to capture my first experience of living overseas as a digital nomad with my husband and then 3-year-old son. I’ve travelled a lot and I’ve lived abroad teaching English for several years in Korea, China and for a short time in Taiwan, but I’d never run my own business from overseas before.

After living in Nha Trang, Vietnam for three months as a test run of the digital nomad thing, we returned to Australia, sold everything and moved to South Korea. I’m growing my copywriting business and have found myself gravitating back to large government and corporate content strategy and management gigs. Life is great!

This is my collection of digital nomad posts.

Sold! I'm having a mid-life crisis and moving overseas

How a $15 bag of potatoes changed my life

’m having my mid-life crisis. Not a buy-a-red­-convertible or get-a-hot-new-twenty-something-guy kind of mid-life crisis, but the sort you have when you get home from a three-month digital nomadding stint in Vietnam and discover that bags potatoes have jumped to $15 (seriously! WTF potatoes?). We are moving back to South Korea for an unknown period of time. Maybe a year, maybe less, maybe more.