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Visme review

Our brains are amazing. We remember only 20% of what we read but 80% of what we see. That’s why visual content is a powerful way to communicate. Visme is a powerful visual...
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Get over yourself! Start putting yourself out there

Get over yourself!

How to stop being your own barrier to putting yourself and your image out there and being more visible in business If you’re comfortable with the thought of ‘putting yourself...
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The Digital Nomad Family | Sandra Muller Copywriter

Can we stay here forever?

There is an end date to this digital nomad adventure and that makes me sad. Our return date to Australia is fast approaching, nipping at my happy bubble. I am already grieving...
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I'm dumping my latest creativity challenge

Why I dumped my challenge

I made a decision last night. I was about to write 'I made a tough decision last night' but honestly, it wasn't tough at all. I decided to dump my latest challenge even after...
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Nha Trang Beach by night from our apartment

Digital nomadding like a hack

It's been almost a month since we left Melbourne and we've been in Nha Trang for just over two weeks. We're getting into the groove of our daily life here. I need a lot more...
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The amazing sea view from our apartment in Nha Trang - I love being a digital nomad!

Being a digital nomad

And so ends my second week of being a digital nomad and copywriter on the road. I suck at being a digital nomad, so I've taken the 'nomad' out of being a digital nomad and...
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