Sold! I'm having a mid-life crisis and moving overseas

How a $15 bag of potatoes changed my life

’m having my mid-life crisis. Not a buy-a-red­-convertible or get-a-hot-new-twenty-something-guy kind of mid-life crisis, but the sort you have when you get home from a three-month digital nomadding stint in Vietnam and discover that bags potatoes have jumped to $15 (seriously! WTF potatoes?). We are moving back to South Korea for an unknown period of time. Maybe a year, maybe less, maybe more.
by Sandra
Get over yourself! Start putting yourself out there

Get over yourself!

How to stop being your own barrier to putting yourself and your image out there and being more visible in business If you’re comfortable with the thought of ‘putting yourself out
by Sandra
I'm dumping my latest creativity challenge

Why I dumped my challenge

I made a decision last night. I was about to write 'I made a tough decision last night' but honestly, it wasn't tough at all. I decided to dump my latest challenge even after I started promoting it.
by Sandra
Miss Rabbit and her rescue helicopter

Lessons in Entrepreneurship from Peppa Pig

Who would ever have thought the TV cartoon Peppa Pig would offer inspiration for entrepreneurs? Before you get all uppity and start waving your entrepreneurial snob around, Peppa Pig screens in 180 countries and rakes in more than a cool billion dollars a year through merchandising and other spin-off sales. Now, if that doesn't make you start to think about ways to anthropomorphise animals for a buck or two million, I'm not sure what will. But I want to focus on Miss Rabbit, the hardest working, superstar business woman on our small screens.
by Sandra